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The Color of Time
© A. Arnaud © C. Gros © G. Sadet © S. Gambier © T. Bonnet © Y. Sourisseau © A. Arnaud V.Vanhecke V. Vanhecke Algo V. Vanhecke V. Vanhecke JM Coubart Levy
Open-air danced theater

Joyful participative stroll

Duration: 75 minutes >

Le Moulin Fondu/Centre National des Arts de la rue - Noisy-le-Sec, Les Ateliers Frappaz de Villeurbanne, Les Usines Boinot/CNAR Poitou Charentes, la Ville de La Rochelle and special support from DGCA (aide à la production) and SPEDIDAM (aide à la création et diffusion).
The 2014 european tour received support from Institut Français (convention Région PACA).
Ateliers Frappaz de Villeurbanne, Usines Boinot - Centre National des Arts de la rue en Poitou Charentes à Niort, Domaine de l’Etang des Aulnes-Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône, La Friche la Belle de Mai-Marseille.

In a rainbow eruption of powder and dance, The Color of Time brings a stunning reinvention of the traditional Holi festival celebrated in India. Each year, people throw gulal powder in the air showing great joy and mirth, celebrating unity, acceptance of diversity through these colourful embraces, as these Free Hugs offered to strangers in publics places. While its origins draw from Indian culture, this reinterpretation is resolutely contemporary, very far from « Bollywood ».

With The Color of Time, Artonik creates a collective contemporary stroll mixing and gathering together of all, with a desire of tenderness, sharing and friendship, to fight against sectarian ideas or fear of the others.

In a massive dance-theater parade, dancers and musicians move in a choreographed parade towards a huge finale. Joining in, the audience are invited into a riotous explosion of colour and joy, painting the sky with an explosion of Gulal* powder.


"The crowd kept on growing. The languorous dance gave way to the finale where public, dancers and volunteers are literally covered with powder. Guaranteed results with much laughter in a large rainbow. "
The Union

"An explosion of colors hits the capital of culture. In an excited atmosphere, 4000 Marseilles-people followed The Color of Time wandering, collective choreography and trance-techno music. An ideal final conclusion with this beautiful rainbow sky festival of colors"
Télérama (blog)

"The throbbing rythms guided their struggles, evocations of the rituals that go round the trance. Then thousands of hands of all colors rise simultaneously and rythmically swaying while orange clouds fwere flying above the multicolored crowd. Clothes strewn with sharp impacts, faces like fireworks form a chromatic java that dapple the street its communicative impulses "
La Provence

"A societal reaction against the stigmatization of differences with a festival of colors and sounds from India. Discover it in Cognac! "
The New Republic

Place and time representation

Authors and artistic direction : Alain Beauchet et Caroline Selig
Comedians-dancers :
Pierre Boileau Sanchez, Sonia Darbois, Jean-Serge Dunet, Sandra Français, Michaël Jaume, Cyril Limousin, Kader Mahammed, Juliette Nicolotto, Vladimir Rivera, Lucas Tissot, Diane Touzin, Julie Yousef
Musicians on live : Dominique Beven, Philippe Capitani and Laurent Pernice
Technician : Sébastien Devey
Technic assistants : Yann Decamps et Stephan Ripoll
Stylism trainees : Angela Landreal, Lucie Schreiber
Constructors : Sylvain Georget, Daniel Adami, Julo Etievant - HO7 Marseille


HOLIKA - collective choreography 1/2 - deambulatory
Download the tuto-video Holika
Download MP3 Holika
learn the steps

GANESH - collective choreography 2/2 - fix
Download the tuto-video Ganesh
Download MP3 Ganesh
learn the steps

Teaser © Yoann Plard - 3 min
The Color of Time - WOMADelaide Australia

Teaser © Réalisation MSW Newbury 2016 Cornexchange Newbury} - 2 min

Teaser © Thamandiely - 2 min

Final show Vivacité 2014 © KAPSULE VISION - 5 min

Broadcast about the Colored-people of Guipavas - 8 min.
How to implement participants to the project!

Video (long version) - 18 min © Télà