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The Color of Time

Join the Colored-people

1. Take part to the coming show close to your place >

In each partner city, Artonik team will propose you to become one of the Colored-people, the community gathering all the participants in the show.

Artonik team will organise several meetings and workshops to enable the participants to rehearse before taking part in the final show The Color of Time.
The workshops are free on reservation.

Three participation types:

1/ Dance and reproduce collective choreographies :
(unlimited number of participants)
You will join Artonik dancers and reproduce the choreographic joyful and playful procession, and invite the public around you to join the choreography directedby the dancers.
Holika and Ganesh choreographies on www.thecoloroftime.org

2/ Huge distribution of 50 g- colored powder bags to the audience
(around 25 people)
These volunteers will dispatch powder bags to enable the public to play with the Gulal, color each other and become actor to the final powder explosion.
This mission enables participants to take part to the second choreography, called Ganesh.

3/ Push the huge rolling sound-systems
(4 adults, athletic)
They will push mobile sound-systems during the stroll. They will walk along the dancers and the participants, and learn how to position them in rythm.
Exclusive mission, volunteers can not take part in other missions.

Place and time representation


You are interested ?

Register on the coming "The Color of time" show here http://www.thecoloroftime.org/spip.php?page=calendar